Bedroom Farce 

January 24-27, 2013

8pm Thursday - Saturday
2pm Sunday

Arthur Miller Theatre

Directed By: Paul Bianchi

"Hilarious....the stuff of gleeful recognition." - London Evening Standard

Bedroom Farce, by premier British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, is a wild romp set in the middle of the sexual revolution of the 70's. Over the course of one Saturday evening, a troubled couple, Susannah and Trevor, inflict their misery on unsuspecting parents, friends, and exes. In three separate bedrooms, sexual tension, marital strife, and hijinx ensue.

"This play is a celebration of the eccentricities of ordinary life," says director Paul Bianchi. "Even though it is set in London, the plot and humor are universal. The play is not your standard farce; in fact, the original title was Bedroom Farce - A comedy. Critics were quick to point out that the play is not a farce. There is a lot of physical comedy, but it's the interaction of the characters that drives the plot and the humor." 

 Cast List
     Delia                Michelle Skrobot
     Ernest               Roger Kerson
     Malcolm            Morgan Brown
     Kate                 Emily Caffery
     Jan                   Ashley Davis           
     Nick                 Jarrod Cassar
     Susannah          Molly Logue
     Trevor              Mario Merola

Production Staff:
Producer: Alen Fyfe
Assistant Director: Nakenya Lewis
Sound Design: Dave Winkler
Lighting Design: Rob Brown
Props: Patricia Melnick
Graphic Design: Brodie Brockie