Audition Information

Auditions at A2CT are open. Anyone from Ann Arbor or the surrounding area may audition for shows. No pre-casting is allowed, and no one may
become a part of a show at A2CT without auditioning.

All auditions  are held at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio at 322 West Ann St. Click on this: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio for directions. Times and dates are specified in each show's audition information. Make sure to scroll down to get to the audition information for Junior Theatre and Studio Series.

Auditions-at-a-glance: Old Times--September 21-23; Snow Queen (JT)--September 28-30; Bonnie and Clyde--October 26-28, tick, tick...BOOM!--November 1-3; Rent--March 21-13

Upcoming Main Stage Auditions

 Bonnie and Clyde
a New Musical
directed by Ron Baumanis
audition dates: October 26 & 27 at 7pm; callbacks October 28 at 7pm, 2014
production dates: January 15-18, 2015

Bonnie and Clyde is a love story between two people willing to do anything they can to escape their depression-era existence. Bonnie and Clyde,a new , musical, sets the story of two of the country’s most notorious criminals to a pop-country score, with foot-stomping, honky-tonk songs and haunting ballads. The doomed couple takes to their ill-fated roadster and careens their way into history in this unforgettable musical ride.


Children 10 to 14 years old* (See note) - Sunday October 26th, 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Adults — Sunday October 26th, 8:00 to 10:00
Adults — Monday October 27th, 7:00 - 10:00
Callbacks — Tuesday October 28th, 7:00 - 10:00 (You must be available for callbacks in order to be cast in lead roles)

Note that this production takes place January 15 - 18th, 2015, and there will be rehearsals during the holiday period in December. There will be no rehearsals the 12 day period between December 22nd and January 2 inclusive. 

In preparing for the auditions, please note that the Original Cast Album for Bonnie & Clyde is available on CD, on iTunes, and on GooglePlay (and various other sources). The recording includes a booklet with synopsis of the show with additional character information.

Children’s note: Young Clyde and Young Bonnie are both on stage during some scenes of simulated violence, and must be comfortable with stage effects and stage blood. Young Clyde handles both a “real” gun (an unloaded prop gun) and a toy cowboy gun. They should appear to be about 10-12 years old on stage.

CHILDREN: Download and prepare the cut for Young Clyde or Young Bonnie (“Picture Show”). PDF's of the music can be found at the bottom of this audition page.

Cut for Young Bonnie:  (Measures 9 - 25)
Cut for Young Clyde (Measures 70-93)

ADULTS: Prepare 16-32 bars of a song of your choice, musical theater pop or country. You can also sing selections from the show (preferred). Please prepare 16-32 bars of your choosing from the cuts if you opt to use those.  You must bring sheet music with you for your audition, no a-cappella auditions. Auditions will consist of singing, and a short cold reading from the script. While there is some movement in the show, there is no traditional dance, and there will not be a dance audition (though there might be some movement at callbacks). Please note, you can not sing “Let it Go”, nor “Popular.”

Adult note: The Ensemble members play roles throughout the show, some singing, some non-singing. There are parts for both male and female non-singers, but please sing something for auditions, even if it is “Happy Birthday” so we can hear your voices and see your stage presence. 

Character Breakdown -- Note, the age indicated is the "appears on stage as" age, you may personally be older or younger than indicated.

BONNIE PARKER A beautiful girl torn between love and fame. Clyde's ambitious, stubborn lover. 
Female, 18-25 yrs old 
Range: G3 - F5 

CLYDE BARROW A charming small-town boy who craves notoriety. Bonnie's reckless, bold, daring lover. 
Male, 18-25 yrs old 
Range: A2 - C5 

BUCK BARROW Clyde's brother and an outlaw troubled by his wife's distaste for his lifestyle. Adventurous and loyal. 
Male, 25-35 yrs old 
Range: B2 - G4 

BLANCHE BARROW A religious woman who disapproves of the criminal lifestyle. Honorable and righteous. Married to Buck Barrow. 
Female, 25-35 yrs old 
Range: G3 - Eb5 

TED HINTON A police officer struggling to separate his feelings from his duties. Kind and honest. Madly in love with Bonnie. 
Male, 18-25 yrs old 
Range: C3 - A4 

EMMA PARKER Bonnie's widowed mother. Fragile, caring, sensitive. (Doubles in Ensemble)
Female, 40-55 yrs old 

CUMIE BARROW A kind woman among those suffering in the Depression. Loyal and selfless. Mother to Clyde and Buck. (Doubles in Ensemble)
Female, 40-55 yrs old 

HENRY BARROW A hard-working man, struggling to survive. Humble and quiet. Father of Clyde and Buck. (Traditionally doubles as Ensemble, but can be a non-singing role)
Male, 40-55 yrs old 

PREACHER The town's evangelist. Loud, passionate, boisterous. 
Male, 30-65 yrs old (can be played by female)
Range: A2 - C5 

YOUNG BONNIE Female, 10-14 
Range: C#4 - C5 

YOUNG CLYDE Male, 10-14 
Range: B3 - A5 

BOB ALCORN The best sharpshooter in Texas. Recruited by Frank Hamer, he helps hunt down Bonnie and Clyde. (Selected from Ensemble)
Male, 30-45 yrs old 

CAPTAIN FRANK HAMER A retired Texas Ranger who joins the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde. Recruited by Governor Ferguson. (Selected from Ensemble or cast as a non-singing role)
Male, 40-65 yrs old 


GOVERNOR MIRIAM FERGUSON An enforcer of the law and Governor of Texas. Tough and harsh. 
Female, 40-60 yrs old 

Upcoming Junior Theatre Auditions

Snow Queen
directed by Katherine Altman
Production dates: December 5-7, 2014 at Children's Creative Center

Auditions take place Sunday September 28 from 1-3pm and Monday September 29 from 3:30-5:30pm. Callbacks, if needed, are Tuesday September 30 from 3:30-5:30pm.

If you liked the movie Frozen, you’ll love this charming original adaptation--by Stacey Lane--of the same story by Hans Christian Anderson. Young heroine Gerda sets out to find her best friend Kai after the magic mirror of an evil Snow Queen brings out the worst in Kai and he flees to the Snow Queen’s palace. Along the way, Gerda encounters good, evil, and a host of really funny talking animals.

There are roles for up to 25 young actors in GRADES 4rth-12th. Auditions consist of theater games and cold readings from the script. Those auditioning need attend only one of the regular audition sessions (for the entire 2-hours), but should be available for callbacks. Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 and Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm. Note: for kids in grades 4th and 5th--while the rehearsal period will begin at 3:30 for middle and high-schoolers, those in elementary school are asked to arrive by 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


GOOSEBUMP A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

SHIVER A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

WHIRLWIND A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

BLUSTER A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

BLIZZARD A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

SLUSH A flurry: a minion to the Snow Queen

SNOW QUEEN The icy villain

FROSTBITE Leader of the flurries: servant to the Snow Queen

PUPPY A sweet young dog

 BIRTHDAY KID An excited child

NEW MOTHER A proud mommy

KAY Gerda’s cousin

GERDA Our fledgling adventurer

FLORA A magical old woman

PETUNIA A self-absorbed flower

DAFFODIL A snobby flower

TULIP A know-it-all flower

DAISY An innocent flower

TIGER LILY A feisty flower

PANSY A scared flower

FORGET ME NOT A humble flower

ROSE A loyal flower

ARCTIC FOX A high-spirited companion

CROW A misguided gossip


 CALEB A royal gardener

MUMBLES MCCOY An inarticulate robber

HAGIBA A vile ringleader of the robbers

BROODY BRODY A moody robber

FRECKLE A little robber girl

REINDEER A prisoner of the robbers

Upcoming Studio Series Auditions

Old Times
directed by Thomas Stack
Production dates: November 21-23, 2014

Auditions take place Sunday, September 21 at 3pm & Monday, September 22 at 5pm sharp;Please arrive a few minutes early to fill out audition forms. Auditions will start immediately. Callbacks, if needed, are Tuesday, September 23 at 7pm. 
Old Times, by Harold Pinter, focuses on a man named Deely, his wife, Kate, and Anna, a friend of Kate’s whom they have not seen for twenty years. Beneath the surface of their taut, witty conversation lurk suggestions of darkness, until the present is overwhelmed with intimation of some frightening past. There are roles for one man and two women, ages early 40’s-50. Auditions consist of cold readings from the play.

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