Audition Information

Auditions at A2CT are open. Anyone from Ann Arbor or the surrounding area may audition for shows. No pre-casting is allowed, and no one may
become a part of a show at A2CT without auditioning.

All auditions  are held at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio at 322 West Ann St. Click on this: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio for directions. Times and dates are specified in each show's audition information. Make sure to scroll down to get to the audition information for Junior Theatre and Studio Series.

Auditions-at-a-glance: Lucky Stiff--December 13-15; 101 Dalmatians--February 7-11; The Philadelphia Story--March 8-11; Rent--March 21-23; Women & Wallace--May 2-4

Upcoming Main Stage Auditions


The Philadelphia Story
directed by Wendy Wright
audition dates: March 8 and 9 at 7pm; callbacks March 11 at 7pm
production dates: May 7-10, 2015

A willful, self-centered beauty—immortalized by Katherine Hepburn in the film—wrecks havoc on her socialite family when she leaves her husband for another man. A timeless comedy of manners—good and bad—The Philadelphia Story is a classic tale that lampoons high-society and leaves the audience wanting more.

Audition requirements and character descriptions coming soon!

directed by Glenn Bugala
audition dates: March 21 7pm and March 22 2pm; callbacks March 23 7pm
production dates: June 4-7, 2015

Based on the classic opera “La Boheme,” this modern-day rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. A beautiful musical score weaves issues of homelessness and AIDS into this compelling parable for the new millennium.

Audition requirements and character descriptions coming soon!

Upcoming Junior Theatre Auditions

Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids

directed by Caitlin Rowe

audition dates: February 7 at 10am & February 9 at 4pm; callbacks February 11 at 4pm
production dates: April 24-26, 2015

Join Pongo, Perdita, and their adorable pups as they attempt to outwit the infamous fur-loving villain Cruella De Vil. With high-spirited songs and lovable characters, this musical stage adaptation is certain to charm and delight all audiences.

Audition requirements: There are roles for up to 30 young actors in GRADES 1rst-12th (Junior Theatre is expanding the age minimum to allow younger actors to play puppies). Auditions consist of theater games and cold readings from the script. All auditioning will be taught a song during auditions to sing solo for the directors. Actors should dress to move. Those auditioning should arrive at the beginning of either regular audition period and should plan to stay for the entire 2-hour audition. Those auditioning should be available for callbacks. No pre-registration is required.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will take place Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4-6pm and Saturday mornings from 9:30am-noon. Rehearsals April 19-23 will take place from 6-9pm.

Character Descriptions:

Anita: Anita is the sweet, nurturing owner of the Dalmatians and a painter. This role requires a strong actor with a good singing voice.  B2-C4.

Canine Narrators: The Canine Narrators should have loud speaking voices and strong stage presence. Although these children need not be the strongest actors/singers (unless they are doubling as London Dogs), they should have a good memory for lines and more complicated blocking.

Cruella De Vil: Cruella should be a strong actor, singer and mover. She should be a natural leader with dramatic flair who is unafraid to be mean and bossy.

Dalmatian Puppies: PATCH, LUCKY, PENNY, PEPPER and other DALMATIAN PUPPIES are the often funny and spirited puppies of Pongo and Perdita.

Dogcatcher: The Dogcatcher appears at the end of the show to dramatically remove Cruella from the scene. Although it's a small role, it's a favorite because it's funny.

Horace and Jasper: Horace and Jasper provide comic relief à la Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy. They should be good singers but stronger actors.

London Dogs: They should be strong singers and movers with a willingness to do a British, Scottish, French or Spanish accent. In order to achieve the full effect of the Twilight Bark, the BOXERS, SCOTTIES, POODLES and CHIHUAHUAS should use appropriate accents and movement in the style of their country of origin.

Nanny: Nanny is the warm yet outspoken housekeeper to Roger and Anita. This is a small acting role that requires a strong speaking voice. Not necessarily a strong singer.

Other Dalmatian Pups: OTHER DALMATIAN PUPS are discovered in the fur vault. SPOT and DOT are smaller, one-line parts.

Police Officer: The Police Officer arrests the villains at the end of the show. This is a small acting role that requires a strong speaking voice, but not necessarily a strong singer. The Officer can be played by a boy or a girl.

Pongo and Perdita: Pongo and Perdita are the Dalmatian parents. These parts require good actors, but not necessarily strong singers.

Roger: Roger is a songwriter and owner of the Dalmatians. He is soft spoken yet confident and displays leadership in a quiet and composed way, contrary to frenetic Cruella. He should be a strong actor, singer and mover, and comfortable playing a husband.

Sargeant Tibbs: Sergeant Tibbs is the army cat who rallies the London Dogs to rescue the Dalmatian Puppies. This role can be played by either a girl or a boy.

Upcoming Studio Series Auditions

Women & Wallace
directed by Jared Hoffert
audition dates: May 2 & 3 at 2pm; callbacks May 4 at 7pm
production dates: June 26-28, 2015

In this fresh and funny comedy, a young man recounts his past struggles with the opposite sex.  As Wallace  encounters an array of women--from a sandwich-stealing first grader to the most important woman in his life, his mother--he invites the audience along for a wild, unforgettable ride. Audition requirements and character descriptions coming soon!

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