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Civic Improv Ensemble




The hugely successful Civic Improv Ensemble, now in its third season, will present a Fall Showcase, with all three Civic Improv troupes performing in four shows. The shows are Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11, at 8pm and 10pm in the A2CT Studio, 322 W. Ann St., Ann Arbor. Tickets will go on sale mid-October. Tickets are $10 and are available by phone at 734-971-2228 or in limited quantities at the door. Due to limited seating, ordering tickets in advance is recommended.


The Civic Improv Ensemble comprises three troupes: Work Friends, who perform character-driven long-form improv with unique characters navigating complex relationships form the backbone of their shows; Modest Hawties, who perform their own mix of improv, blending some of the fun elements of short form games with the complex characters and larger story arcs found in long form; and Inappropriate Sugar, who perform short-form games along the lines of Whose Line is it Anyway? 


The Civic Improv Ensemble troupe coaches, David Widmayer, Jen Delisi, Jonathan Weidert, and Shelly Smith are proud of the work they have done to make improv accessible to everyone. Widmayer, who coaches Work Friends, says “My favorite thing about the Civic Improv Ensemble is that each troupe gets to work with their coach to define what Civic Improv is for them. Everyone has the freedom to explore the vast landscape of improv comedy without the constraints of a rigid class structure or any pressure to turn a profit. There are plenty of professional theaters filling that traditional role, but we are unique in southeast Michigan.” And Delisi, one of the coaches of Modest Hawties adds "Ann Arbor Civic’s improv program fosters in-depth dynamic troupe development in a supportive and fun environment.”

In addition to shows at A2CT, Civic Improv Ensemble Troupes have performed at theaters around southeast Michigan, including Barefoot Productions in Plymouth and Pointless Brewery & Theatre in Ann Arbor.


Short-Form Troupe  - directed by Shelly Smith
Abid Abdraboh
Alex Bergmans
Dana Blaszkowski
Ken Brown
Rami Doha
Patty Failla
Marley Gluf
Dominic Grillo
Iman Jibrini
Tom Namovich
Andrew Packard

Mid-Form Troupe - directed by Jennifer Delisi and Jonathan Weidert
Torey Arnold
Adam Brody
Chelsey Coleman
Cynthia D'Amour
Matt Erickson
Ashley Hughes
Iman Jibrini
Kevin Johnson
Dan Tice
Deema Totah

Long-Form Troupe - directed by David Widmayer
Emma Clayton
Mike Dobmeier
Adam Hirzel
John Kane
Luc Robinson
Heidi Sherick
Josh Silver
Sophia Spagnuolo