King Lear

October 18-20, 2013
A2CT Studio Theater
Fri-Sat 8pm
Sun 2pm

In a richly imagined take on Shakespeare’s classic tale, King Lear explores the concept of free will versus determinism through an expressionistic dream world. After disowning one of his three daughters and dividing his kingdom between the other two, King Lear sees his world unravel as those he trusted betray him at every turn. With an original text adaptation by Shakespearean scholar David Hartwig, a cast of 11 actors play all the characters in this ensemble-driven production. 

directed by
Kat Walsh

Producer/Stage Manager - Alexa Ducsay
Costume Designer - Alix Berneis
Set Consultant - Nate Doud
Music Consultant - Katie Van Dusen

Cornwall/Burgundy - Steven Davenport

Kent - Aubrey Donnell

Oswald - Richard Graham

Regan - Jenna Hinton

Lear - James Ingagiola

Albany/France - Joseph McDonald

Edmund - Jeff Miller

Fool/Cordelia - Kaela Parnicky

Gonoril - Laura Tanner

Gloucester - Tom Underwood

Edgar - David Widmayer