November 7-10, 2013
Arthur Miller Theatre
Thur-Sat 8pm
Sun 2pm

Join us at the Arthur Miller Theatre immediately following the Sunday matinee for a talkback with experts from Eva's House and the playwright, Kim Carney! The talkback is free and open to the public.
kim carney

directed by
cassie mann

production staff:
Assistant Directors: Aaron Wade & Nakenya Lewis
Set Design: Cathy Cassar
Sound Design: Dave Winkler
Lighting Design: Tiff Crutchfield
Costume Design: Kelly Greunke
Choreographer: Emily Olson
Graphic Design: Ashley Wilburn
Production Liaison: Alen Fyfe

Maxine – Nancy Heusel
Joe – Dave Keren
Diane – Laurie Atwood
Greg – Carl Hanna
Benita – Julie Landry
The Girl – Katie Parzych
The Sailor – Matt Berdahl

Moonglow, by Michigan playwright Kim Carney, is the story of Maxine, a woman with Alzheimer’s who must navigate her life as her past becomes more real than the present. Placed in an Alzheimer’s facility by her grown daughter, Diane, Maxine resists the move and delves further into her past. With humor and determination, Maxine finds a place where she can more than survive; she can live.

"Moonglow is a celebration of life, more than a story about Alzheimers," says director Cassie Mann. "Maxine is a force of nature, and her journey through a devastating diagnosis is filled with humor and love. In fact, I would characterize Moonglow as a love story because the characters are motivated by their connections to one another and their love and determination is what drives the play."

In conjunction with a new program at A2CT--Civic Engagement--we are partnering with Eva's House, a new dementia care facility at Glacier Hills, to foster an awareness of dementia and options for treatment and care in the community. Immediately following the Sunday matinee of Moonglow, playwrigth Kim Carney and members of Eva's House staff will conduct a discussion and Q&A in the Arthur Miller Theatre. The post-show discussion is free and open to the public.

Our Civic Engagement partner: