leaving iowa

may 3-6, 2012
arthur miller theatre
8pm thurs-sat
2pm sun

written by
Tom Clue and Spike Manton
directed by
Michael Schacherbauer

production staff:
Director - Michael Schacherbauer
Assistant Director - Michele Leshan
Producer - Martha Montoye
Costumer - Alix Berneis
Lighting Design - Rob Brown
Sound - Dave Winkler
A loving ode to the great American road trip, Leaving Iowa finds middle-aged writer, Don Browning, on a quest to take his father’s ashes to Don’s childhood home. Upon finding the family’s home has become a grocery store, Don traverses Iowa in search of a place for the ashes. Along the way he attempts to reconcile his past with the present. A2CT’s production brings Leaving Iowa back home to Michigan, where it received its world premiere at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea.

Don--Nick Boyer
Dad--Matthew Steward
Mom--Kathleen Beardmore
Sis--Dana Denha
Multiple characters male--Isaac Ellis
Multiple characters male--Steve White
Multiple characters female--Amanda Barnett
Multiple characters female--Erica Dutton