Much Ado About Nothing

January 26-29
, 2011
Arthur Miller Theatre
8pm Thurs-Sat
2pm Sun

Written by
William Shakespeare
Directed by
Cassie Mann

Production Staff
Cassie Mann: Director
Sarah Erlewine: Assistant A.D., Stage Manager
Martha Montoye: Producer, A.D.
Dave Winkler: Sound Designer
Cathy Cassar: Set Designer
Nick Boggs and Heather McFarland: Lead Builders
Kevin Leistner: Costume Designer
Emily Perryman: Choreographer
Tiff Crutchfield: Lighting Designer
Meg McNamee: Dance Captain
Amanda Barnett and Martha Montoye: Props
Deb Wood: Graphic Design
Set in the American West of the late 19th century, this rollicking version of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy finds saloon proprietress Miss Leona welcoming back her friend Don Pedro after a skirmish on the plains. With Don Pedro is his estranged and bitter brother Don John. John’s attempts to wreak havoc with the local townsfolk finds cowboys, bar maids, school marms and school girls drawn into a compendium of mistaken identity, love, trickery, and fun!

Leona: Chrissie D’Amato
Messenger/boy: Richard Graham
Hero: Meredith Deighton
Beatrice: Heather Liebal
Antonio: Jimmy Dee Arnold
Ursula: Mary Kowalski
Margaret: Amanda Barnett
Don Pedro: Rob Roy
Claudio: Artun Kircali
Benedick: James Ingagiola
Don John: Ken Karges
Conrade: David Widmayer
Borachio: Jeff Miller
Dogberry: Jon Elliott
Verges: Pete Richards
Watchwoman: Alix Berneis
Watchwoman: Allison Porta
Friar Francis: Thom Johnson
Townswomen: June Griffenhagen & Brenda Casher
Barmaids: Elisabeth O’Dell, Meg McNamee
Poker Players: Earl Brown, Wole Ibironke, Andy Hoag, Richard Sherburne