March 13-16, 2014
Arthur Miller Theatre
8pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday
2pm Sunday

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craig lucas

directed by
kevin gilmartin

production staff:
Stage Manager: Aaron C. Wade
Lighting/Projection Design: Wilm Pierson
Technical Director: Mishael Bingham
Sound Design: Mike Gentry
Costume Design: Sarah Nichols
Set Design: Kevin Gilmartin
Graphic Design: Brodie Brockie
Production Liaison: Jean Leverich

The wildly-inventive comedy Reckless, by Craig Lucas, begins on Christmas Eve   and centers on Rachel Fitzsimmons, a wife and mother, who is informed by her      husband, Tom, that he has hired a gunman to shoot her that evening.  Tom is          remorseful, but there is nothing to be done and he pushes her out the window to flee the hired 
killer. Along her journey, Rachel encounters a dubious Good Samaritan, a disabled office worker who is not disabled, devious co-workers, multiple doctors, a  game-show host, a talk-show host, and has an ill-fated reunion with her husband.   You’ll root for Rachel as she fights her way through mistaken identities, comic death and absurd escapades to find her way back to her family and sanity.
I consider Reckless an underappreciated comic masterpiece,” says director Kevin Gilmartin.  “The story engages the audience in Rachel’s efforts to re-connect with    
the family she has lost while she repeatedly experiences holiday seasons gone       awry. While the people Rachel meets are often extreme, they are oddly believable.  The actors inject humanity in even the most outrageous characters.” 
Rachel - Carrie Jay Sayer
Tom - David Widmayer
Lloyd - Eric Bloch
Pooty - Aubrey Donnell
Roy - Chris Grimm
Trish and Sue - Alexandria Strother
Tim Timko - Jon Elliott
Tom Jr. - Brian Greco
Doctor #1 and Sharon - Katie Parzych
Doctor #2 and Ann Locher-Holden - Emma Kennedy
Doctor #3 and #4 - Trevor Maher
Doctor #5 -Zach Damon
Doctor #6 - Chris Potter
Cameraman - Joseph Eadie