The Play's the Thing 2014
February 7-9, 2014
A2CT Studio Theater
Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm
Produced by Catherine Zudak
Directed by: Nakenya Yarbrough, Jacqueline Courteau, Lillian Bishop
Admission: Free!
The Play’s the Thing is an opportunity for playwrights to have their works read, discussed, and reworked.  It’s an opportunity for the audience to hear new works and to give feedback to the playwrights. Each performance features concert-readings of original plays of various lengths, and each performance is directed by a different director. The plays selected for this year's festival are:

Friday evening’s performance features the 10-minute plays Falcons and Behavioral Repercussions by Sunny Wong and Something Big, Professor Parker on Pot, and The Return of the Right Turn by Lori Reece. These “shorts” offer humorous takes on finding romance, dreaming big, and the healing powers of community and pot. Saturday evening includes two one-act plays: Snow Queen by Stacey Lane and Giant Vampire Bedbugs from Outer Space Devour Manhattan:Troops Called  by Madeline Diehl. Snow Queen spins a fairytale quest complete with an evil snow queen and an intrepid goat girl, and Giant Vampire Bedbugs… is a spy thriller full of surprising triple crosses and really big bed bugs. Sunday afternoon features the full-length play Going Viral by Joseph York, directed by Jacqueline Courteau, a dystopian drama with a fountain of youth available only to the 1 percent-ers.


Ensemble, 10-minute plays 
Friday night performance
David Widmayer
Eric Blake
Katie Parzych
Lyn Davidge

Ensemble, One Acts
Saturday night performance
Giant Vampire Bedbugs….
Benny             Eric Blake
Annie              Alexandria Strother

Snow Queen
Snow Queen          Lyn Davidge
Frostbite  Sanders Hamson
Kay David Widmayer
Gerda Cydney Heed
Stage Directions Megan Shiplett and Katie Parzych

Flurries Eric Blake
Alexandria Strother
Puppy Erica Dutton
Bday girl Victoria Donkmeyer
New Mother Lucy Lee
Flora Lori O'Dell
Flowers Lucy Lee
Victoria Donkmeyer
Rose Lyn Davidge
Arctic Fox Lori O'Dell
Crow Erica Dutton
Princess         Katie Parzych
Caleb Morgan Brown
Mumbles McCoy Sanders Hamson
Hagiba Morgan Brown
Broody Brody         David Widmayer
Freckles Megan Shiplett
Reindeer Lucy Lee

Cast, Full-length Play, Going Viral
Sunday matinee performance
Andy:             TJ (Thom Johnson)
Ruben:           Morgan Brown
Rodney:         David Widmayer
C Paul:           Sanders Hamson
Rachel:           Megan Shiplett
Bridget:          Lucy Lee
Megs:             Amy Griffith
Crystal:          Michele Leshan