Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

November 15-18, 2012

8pm Thursday - Saturday

2pm Sunday

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

corner of Fletcher and Washington Sts, Ann Arbor


From the beloved movie Legally Blonde, onto the musical theater stage steps Elle Woods, the perky sorority girl who chases her ex-boyfriend, Warner, from undergraduate school to Harvard Law. Convinced that she just needs to prove to her ex that she's smart enough to take seriously, Elle embarks on a quest to earn a law degree and Warner's heart, but learns so much more along the way.

Music & Lyrics By Laurence O'Keefe & Nell Benjamin

Book by Heather Hatch

Directed by Wendy Sielaff

Production Staff:

Co-Producers: Keshia Daisy Oliver and Kyle Farr

Music Director: Mike Williams

Stage Manager: Keshia Daisy Oliver

Choreographer: January Provenzola

Asst. Choreographer: Caitlin Rowe

Costumes: Nancy Rydzewski

Properties: Keshia Daisy Oliver & Kyle Farr

Set Design: Wendy Sielaff & Mike Sielaff

Lead Set Builder: Mike Sielaff


Elle Woods: Kimmy Hay

Margot: Paige Martin

Serena: Frankie Topalian

Pilar: Jordan Pesci-Smith

Kate: Katie Evitts

Leilani: Kristen Ocelnik

Delta Nu’s: Abby Hill-Kennedy, Kailey Schneemann, Melanie Hearsch

Emmett: Michael Joseph

Paulette: Kathy Waugh

Callahan: Jason Matley

Warner: Nick Rapson

Vivienne: Gabi Granados

Brooke: Marci Rosenberg

Enid: Aubrey Donnell

Aaron/Elle's Dad: Andrew Szykula

Sundeep: Ryan Sequin

Dewey/UPS Guy/Admitting Professor: Mark Weaver

Grand Master Chad: Alexander Perschke

Chutney/Elles/Dancer: Nikki Skrobot

Store Manager/Judge/Dancer: Rachel Francisco

Whitney: Melanie Hearsch

Elle's mom/store clerk/DA/Admitting Professor: Heather Schneemann

Prison Guard: Robert Lane

Nikos/Dancer: Bob Cox

Frat Guy/Student: Joseph Jones

Carlos: Robert Lane

Frat Guy/Dancer: Ryan Sequin