When, during WWII, Winston Churchill was advised to cut arts funding, he answered, "Good God no! What do you think we're fighting for?" Well, the facts today are that arts funding in Michigan is lower than ever, and non-profit arts groups are feeling the crunch of the economy as much as everyone else.

Personal Sponsorship

Please consider a personal sponsorship to an area that interests you the most. Options include sponsoring a particular Main Stage, Studio Series, or Junior Theatre show, funding our costume or shop tech needs, or underwriting the cost of royalties. The possibilities really are endless, enabling you to tailor your giving to your interests. Contact Alix at manager@a2ct.org

Corporate Sponsorship

If you own or represent a business in the Ann Arbor region, please consider a corporate sponsorship of A2CT. Corporate sponsorship is an opportunity to give back to a community of actors and patrons by helping maintain the integrity of artistic life in Ann Arbor, and offers companies exposure to thousands of audience members. Contact Alix at manager@a2ct.org for more information.

Endowment Fund

A2CT maintains an endowment fund with the Ann Arbor Community Foundation and always welcomes investment in the Fund. We have begun supporting the cost of royalties, costumes, props and scholarships to our Junior Theatre programs through the proceeds of this Fund. Money donated through the AAACF is held in perpetuity, guaranteeing that these costs will be covered for generations to come. You may contact Jennie Hale, AAACF Development Officer at 734-663-0401 or jhale@aaacf.org, or contact Suzi at speterson@a2ct.org for more information

Planned Giving

We also have a robust planned giving program, including opportunities for bequests, gifts of IRAs, securities, and real estate.

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre is incorporated and identified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. For donors such as you, this means your contributions are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law. Our Board of Directors and elected officers operate under member-approved bylaws. A2CT can provide you with the necessary documentation to record your sponsorship donation for tax purposes. Additionally, you can view our bylaws and other related information on our About Us page.