The Civvies 2011-2012

The Civvies

A great time was had last night. Thanks to all who attended!

Here is a list of the Civvies recipients:

Favorite Play Much Ado About Nothing Cassie Mann, Director

Favorite Musical Avenue Q Wendy Sielaff, Director

Favorite Actor Musical Nick Bringardner Avenue Q

Favorite Actor Play James Ingagiola Much Ado About Nothing

Favorite Supporting Actor Musical Charlie Sutherland Grey Gardens

Favorite Supporting Actor Play Isaac Ellis Leaving Iowa

Favorite Actress Musical Kathy Waugh Grey Gardens

Favorite Actress Play Wendy Katz Hiller Death of a Salesman

Favorite Supporting Actress Musical Amy Bogetto-Weinraub Sweeney Todd

Favorite Supporting Actress Play Christina D'Amato Much Ado About Nothing

Favorite Musical Number The Internet is for Porn Mike Williams - Music Director

Favorite Musical Number The Internet is for Porn Kyle Farr - Puppet Director

Favorite Scene from a Play Dad Loses Control of the Car Leaving Iowa

Musical Set Grey Gardens Leo Babcock - Set DesignerPlay Set Death of a Salesman Christina Mackenzie-Set Designer, Laura Bird-Set Builder

Favorite Prop/Special Effect Play Rice Krispie Treat, Leaving Iowa Martha Montoye - Prop Designer

Favorite Prop/Special Effect Musical Turntable House, Grey Gardens Thom Johnson - Stage Manager

Favorite Costumes Sweeney Todd Nan Wirth - Costume Designer

Favorite Lighting Design Sweeney Todd Nick Spencer - Lighting Designer

Favorite Sound Design Avenue Q Bob Skon - Sound Designer

Favorite Studio Series Actress Allison Porta How I Learned to Drive

Favorite Studio Series Actor Tom Stack Action and The Actor's Nightmare

Favorite Studio Series Actor Paul Bianchi The Good Doctor

Favorite Studio Series Show How I Learned to Drive Kat Walsh, Director

John Rae Cameo Erik Wright-Olsen Avenue Q

John Rae Cameo Maeve Donovan Grey Gardens

John Rae Cameo Catherine Cypert Avenue Q