Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer usher!

Volunteer Ushers are very important to A2CT, and often are the hardest positions to fill. We rely on our ushers to be the front-line and smiling face of the organization. When audience members (new or returning) attend to a performance, an usher is usually the first person they meet-- this will define what A2CT means to them, and shape their experience. Ushers are expected to be timely, attentive, professional, and neatly dressed.

What you need to know...

  • Ushers are chosen on a first-come first-served basis.
  • You will may assigned to take tickets at the front of the lobby, hand out programs, or help patrons find their seats.
  • Please arrive at the designated theater 1 hour before the performance and report to the House Manager. The House Manager will instruct the ushers and assign positions.
  • Ushers are not expected to stay the whole time, but it is encouraged!

Dress code is business casual. Please, no blue jeans.

Some ushers wish to carry a small flashlight of their own. (These are not provided.)

Remember: A2CT expects clean and tidy attire.

Ushers are encouraged to stay and enjoy the show, and may be seated in designated seats (No ticket necessary!)

48 hour cancelation policy: If you cannot fulfill your usher obligation, you are required to notify A2CT 48 hours before the performance. If for any reason you learn after this time that you are not able to fulfill your obligation, you are expected to find a replacement.

Please email

For Usher Replacement: Please send email with new usher's contact information (including first name, last name, email address and phone number).