Honk! Jr.

Honk! Jr.book and lyrics by Anthony Drewe

music by George Stiles

Directed by Denyse Clayton

May 5-7, 2017

Arthur Miller Theatre

Friday at 7:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday at 1:00 and 3:30 PM

Join Ugly, the out-of-the-ordinary duckling on his journey of self-discovery in this musical adaptation of a Hans Christian Anderson tale. A quirky cast of animal characters assist Ugly, and help him avoid Cat, who would like to have him for dinner. Audiences are sure to enjoy this sweet and fun retelling of a familiar story with the message that different is not a bad thing to be!


Chloe Lee - UGLY

Sara Mattson - IDA

Jeremy Klooster - DRAKE

Paloma Rosania - BEAKY

Oliver Berger - WADE

Reese Taylor - FLUFFY

Annika Maddock - DOWNY

Anneliese Johnson - BILLY

Mary Ziegler - MAUREEN

Kat David - CAT

Ryan Byrne - TURKEY

Annie Ziegler - HENRIETTA

Alaina Pellar-Kosbar - AMELIA

Ian Weintraub - BIFF

Ainsley Maddock - BARNACLES

Alicia Dyer - SNOWY

Audrey Weiss - PINKFOOT

Chloe Huffman - GRACE

Ryan Klooster - BULLFROG

Elsa Pasquariello - PENNY

Elliot Portice - FATHER SWAN

Amalia Chappell-Lakin - MOTHER SWAN

Tessa Hanrath - MAGGIE PIE


DIRECTOR: Denyse Clayton

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Jennifer Goltz-Taylor

PRODUCER: Suzi Peterson Steward