Julius Caesar


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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Kat Walsh

October 29-

November 1, 2015

Arthur Miller Theatre

Thursday 7:30pm

Friday-Saturday 8:00pm

Sunday 2:00pm

This quintessential political intrigue opens with a gathering of Roman citizens who seek to celebrate Julius Caesar’s triumphant return fromwar. On his way to the arena, Caesar is stopped by a stranger who warns that he should” beware the Ides of March.” What

follows is a compendium of jealousy, murder, and mayhem in a drama by the Bard at his dastardly best.

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Production Staff:

Producers-Kyle Nowels and Lindsay Hawkins

Assistant Director - Kate Papachristou

Stage Manager - Alexa Ducsay

Assisstant Stage Manager - Annika Morrison

Music Director - Katie Van Dusen

Fight Choreographer - Rob Najarian

Scenic Design - Nathan Doud

Technical Advisor - Cathy Cassar

Lighting Design - Nathaniel Madura

Costume Design - Liz Getty

Sound Design - Matt Steward

Properties - Katy Wallander

Dramaturg - Shelley Manis


Cassius - Stebert Davenport

Calpurnia/Octavius - Rachael Kohl

Casca/Flavius/ Citizen 2/Soldier 2/Poet (IV.3), Strato - Greg Kovas

Publius/Citizen 1/Cicero/Servant (III.1)/Pindarus/Clitus - Elisha Krenz

Decius Brutus/Murellus/Citizen 4/Solider 3/Varrus/Young Cato - Joseph McDonald

Portia/Cinna/Lucilius - Carol Gray

Brutus - Jeff Miller

Antony - Kaela Parnicky

Popilius/Caius Ligarius/Cobbler/Servant (II.1; III.2)/Titinius/Messenger/Dardanius - Amanda Photenhauer

Lucius/Artemidorus/Lepidus - Sara Rose

Metellus Cimber/Soothsayer/Citizen 3/Solider 1/Claudio/Voluminius - Codi Sharp

Julius Caesar - Tom Underwood

Trebonius/Carpentar/Cinna the Poet/Messala - David Widmayer