Lucky Stiff

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March 12-15, 2015

Arthur Miller Theatre

8pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

2pm Sunday

Lucky Stiff, by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, is a madcap murder mystery farce. A British shoe salesman, Harry Witherspoon, inherits $6 Million from his uncle, but, in order to get the money, he must take his dead, stuffed uncle on one last vacation to Monte Carlo. Along the way he meets Rita, who embezzled the money for her boyfriend; her brother Vinnie, who she blamed the money’s disappearance on; Annabel, a representative of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn--which gets the money if Harry messes up the vacation--and many others. A pathetic shoe salesman versus a jilted lover, a shadowy tour guide, a terrified optometrist, hundreds of (offstage) dogs, and $6 million on the line: what could possibly go wrong?

“This has been one of my favorite shows ever since the first time I was in it,” says director Isaac Ellis. “It has a plot that makes everyone say, ‘What?! I want to see that show!’ Lucky Stiff is a memorable, feel good show, with a plot and characters that are totally outrageous yet grounded in reality. It is filled with music that has the unique ability to not only move the plot forward but also is just as funny as the rest of the show. And while I tend to think that theater needs to make you think and challenge your perspective of the world, sometimes it’s nice to have a show that reminds you that – as the show says – ‘it’s good to be alive.’”

music by Stephen Flaherty

book & lyrics by Lynn Aherns

Based on The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo by Michael Butterworth

directed by Isaac Ellis

production staff:

Producers: Rachel Robins Toon

Musical Director: Jonathan Sills

Stage Manager: Jenna Hinton

Choreography: Kat Walsh

Costume Design: Alix Berneis

Set Design: Alec Long

Light Design: Tiff Crutchfield

Sound Design: Matt Steward

Graphic Design: Steve Elliot

Props: Cassie Mann


Harry Witherspoon: Justin Dawes

Annabel Glick: Jackie Gubow

Rita La Porta: Lauren Norris

Vinnie Di Ruzzio: Zak Stratton

Luigi Gaudi: Jimmy Dee Arnold

Dead Uncle Anthony: Thom Johnson

Man #1 (Surly Lorry Driver, Solicitor, Prosperous Man, Clothing Salesman, French Emcee, Croupier, Nun, Old Texan): Jeffrey Miller

Man #2 (Offstage Telegram Deliverer, Vicious Punk, Mr. Loomis the Eye Patient, French Waiter on Train, Station Master's Voice, Bellhop, French Waiter in Club, Dapper Gambler, Leper): Jahmeel Powers

Woman #1 (Landlady, Miss Thorsby the Secretary, Puerto Rican Nurse, Southern Lady 1, French Airline voice, Dancing Portrait): Liane Golightly

Woman #2 (Spinster, Southern Lady 2, Dancing Roulette Wheel, Dominique Du Monaco): Katrina Linden