June 4-7, 2015Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

8pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

2pm Sunday

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Civic Engagement Partner:

music, book & lyrics by Jonathan Larson

directed by Glenn Bugala

production staff:

Producer: Pat Everett

Stage Manager: Aaron C. Wade

Music Director: Tyler Driskill

Choreographer: Kat Walsh

Set Designer: Glenn Bugala

Set Builder: Robert Burch

Lighting Designer: Tiff Crutchfield

Costume Designer: Kelly Greunke

Props: Aaron C. Wade

Sound: Dan McConnell & Matt Steward

Graphic Design: Glenn Bugala

Marketing Liaison: Patrick Johnson

Publicity Photos: Aaron C. Wade

Featured Video: Jason Smith

Based on the classic opera “La Boheme,” this modern-day rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. A beautiful musical score weaves issues of homelessness and AIDS into this compelling parable for the new millennium.


Mark Cohen: Dominic Seipenko

Roger Davis: Kevin Morgan

Tom Collins: Nickolas Brown

Angel Schunard: Chris Joseph

Benny Coffin III: Paul Clark

Mimi Marquez: Amy Robbins

Maureen Johnson: Lauren Norris

Joanne Jefferson: Kate Papachristou

Man 1: Victor McDermott

Man 2: Lawrence Havelka

Man 3: Antonio Argiero

Man 4: Daniel Schaefer

Woman 1: Jessa Lytle

Woman 2: Traci Gibson

Woman 3: Domonique Minter