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September 11-14, 2014

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

8pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

2pm Saturday & Sunday

music by Jeanine Tosori

book & lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire

Originally produced on Broadway by Dreamworks Theatricals and

Neal Street Productions

directed by Wendy Sielaff

production staff:

Producer: Shelly Smith

Music Director: Brian Rose

Assistant Director: Alen Fyfe

Choreographer: Kelsey Rose

Stage Manager: Keshia Oliver

Costume Design: Nan Wirth

Sound Design: Bob Skon

Lighting Design: Brad Pritts

Set Design/build: Mike Sielaff

Props: Bob Brite, Abby Gentry

Hair/makeup: Hanna Mauch

Publicity photographer: Lisa Gavan

Graphic Design: Justin Dawes

Sponsored by:

When a green ogre named Shrek discovers his swamp has been swamped with fairytale creatures by the scheming Lord Farquaad, Shrek sets out—with a very loud donkey in tow—to confront Farquaad. Along the way, Shrek discovers that true love is blind, in one of the

most popular musicals to hit the Broadway stage in years.


Jeff Steinhauer - Shrek

Katrina Linden - Fiona

Arjun Nagpal - Donkey

Nick Rapson - Farquad

Linzi Joy Bokor - Dragon

Dana Steiner - Young Fiona

Emily Letke - Teen Fiona

Tally Patton - Gingy, Rat Tapper

Brendan Bachman - Pinocchio

Jennifer Bachman - Wicked Witch, Duloc Dancer, Rat Tapper

Mattie Bachman - Cinderella, Rat Tapper

Emily Clark - 3 Pigs, 3 Blind Mice, Duloc, Rat Tapper

Craig Clark - Bishop, Papa Bear

Justin Dawes - King Herald, Guard

Ellie Chessen - 3 Little Pigs

Kort Linden - Guard, Skeleton

Brandon Waldenmayer - Tranny Wolf, Papa Shrek, Skeleton, Duloc Dancer

Jory Tracy - Guard

Wendy Krekeler - 3 Little Pigs, Mama Shrek

Katherine Greene - Pied Piper, Duloc Dancer

Alana Greenspan - Peter Pan, Rat Tapper

Katy Rapson - 3 Blind Mice, Jasmine, Duloc Dancer, Rat Tapper

Kyle Patton - Thelonius/Guard, Skeleton

Mary Ziegler - Ugly Duckling, Rat Tapper

Annie Ziegler - Red Riding Hood, Rat Tapper

Lisa Ziegler - Mama Bear

Additional Fairy Tale Creatures/Ensemble:

Meg Emlaw

Ethan Steiner

Charlotte Bachman

Delaney Bachman (also a featured as a Rat Tapper)

Owen Bachman

Joshua Reyes - Young Shrek, Tweedle

Emily Cooper

Jeremy Klooster - Dwarf

Maximilian Ascani - Puss in Boots

Ben Chambers - Walter